1. Masks required until seated in the sanctuary when they become optional as long as social distancing is maintained with people outside of your household.
  2. Bring personal hand sanitizer and wipes if possible.
    1. We ask that you wipe down areas with which you might have had contact.
  3. Singing will be allowed.
  4. Drop box will be available in the back of the church for offerings;  offering plates will not be passed to avoid contact.
  5. No loitering inside church and urge members of the congregation to go to parking lot or the church yard to talk  while maintaining a safe space.
  6. Air conditioning will be turned off right before people start coming
  7. All of west wing will be off limits as well as the whole basement. 
  8. Women's upstairs bathroom will be a unisex bathroom with wipe down after any use.
    1. Only one person to be allowed in rest room at a time (unless it is a parent with a child)
    2. The Men’s restroom will remain closed.
  9. Children must remain seated with their parents at all times
    1. Children will not be allowed to go to the bathroom without a parent accompanying them.
  10. Drinking fountain will not be in service. 
    1. If you feel you will need a drink please bring bottled water.
  11. Urge people not to handle the pew Bibles and the hymnals
  12. Try to use 6 foot social distancing rules in effect for public gatherings except for family members.
  13. If you feel uncomfortable with attending, are in a high risk group, feeling sick or have a temperature please stay at home.
    1. We are investigating the possibility of recording or live streaming the service weekly to make it available to those who feel safer at home. 

Please be patient with us!  We are trying to be as responsible as possible using the knowledge that is available to us.  As time passes and hopefully people adapt, guidelines might change.